Monday, April 12, 2004

Hello everyone! I'm back from hibernation. Kindly visit my new blogsite at:

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

In an isolated but abandoned abode. There was laughter. Sometimes adventure. Occasional relaxation. Spiced up by tears. Now remains solitude. Of romancing the past. The threat of losing this relic. Much like appearance. Soon it will all come to pass. Memories will fade away but never the inner and true beauty of a woman...

Solitude, Copyright 2003 Jay Alonzo

Monday, August 18, 2003

Under a failing light she lay. Stretched her arms upward and folded her knees up. Can’t help but smile and appreciate how the window light spread itself on her body, like a passion wanting lover. Sometimes not everything should be revealed. Rather the mere lack of shadow details provoke uncommon imagery and even reactions…

Under A Failing Light, Copyright 2003 Jay Alonzo
And so she lay down as I instructed. She was uncompromising and uncritical. It’s always a pleasant experience to work with someone as exuberant as her. No apprehensions. Nothing that can break that rapport as it heats up and churns up new things to try right there and then. The inspiration was phenomenal. The sensuality was mutual…

Submission, Copyright 2003 Jay Alonzo

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Silent waters, cool breeze, jet black sand, and an aging house by the sea. In a rundown second floor with doors of louvres overlooking a blue vista, just me, her and some ample time to accomplish some thing she long long wanted to do and me to make...

Oblivion, Copyright 2003 Jay Alonzo
A person's life can appear as serene as water that runs deep. But beneath the glassy surface, there could be a stealthy rapid current or just constant silence. And so I created this space to let the sun shine through the water so you can see through my surface.

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